Meet Jack

Meet Jack

We are very proud to have Jack as our candle maker. Jack does a fantastic job and works hard to make beautiful candles for you. Anyone who takes pride in their work and gives 100% deserves recognition and Jack is no exception. We would like to share Jack’s story with you.

At the age of 5, Jack received a diagnosis of epilepsy. At the age of 7, he received a diagnosis of PDD-NOS, a form of autism. Later on, the diagnoses of Tourette’s and a chromosome deletion came. With his strength and loving personality, along with the help of his amazing doctor, Jack has always faced his hurdles with his head held high.

Over the years, there have been several educators that believed in Jack and worked hard to make sure he received an academic and social education. A key ingredient to his success was, with the strong support of his family and friends, Jack received the ability to set his own limits. No one told him he couldn’t accomplish something.

Jack enrolled in the Transition to Work program at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School. There he learned job and independent living skills. Jack also enrolled in the Summer Youth Program where he worked different jobs with the help of a job coach. These experiences allowed Jack to feel the joy of accomplishment.

Jack and Upland

When Jack entered his job at Upland South Candles, he had the invaluable assistance of a job coach. His coach worked with him on each step of the candle making process. She also helped us find ways to set up our shop to help Jack do his job independently.

If you ever find yourself looking for a hard working, loyal, dependable and honest employee, don’t overlook those with special needs.

We, at Upland South Candles, feel that Jack deserves to be recognized for his accomplishments and the pride he takes in making each candle.

Jack is an inspiration to us and we hope he inspires you too.

Jack and his job coach, Angela

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If you are interested in hiring someone with special needs, contact your county or state agency. In the state of Ohio, contact Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. In Jefferson County, Ohio, you may also contact the Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities – Community Employment Services.