Our Story

Our Story

Upland South Candles was born from the desire to have a healthier option for those who love scented candles.

One of our family members has a severe medical condition that forbid the use of chemicals in the home. After researching many commercial products that claim to be chemical free, it became clear that many companies are less than truthful about their products. We lived chemical and fragrance free for many years but we really missed the warmth and fragrance that a candle brings to a home.

Some friends got together and researched how to make a healthier, cleaner burning candle. Our candles are made from all natural soy wax and we only use fragrances that are phthalate free and contain no butylated hydroxytoluene. We know these are big words, but believe us, you are better off without them. After many trials and test burns, we feel confident in offering our premium candle to you.

Our candles are perfect for people:

  • That experience headaches after burning candles.
  • Who have young ones in their home.
  • That want a scented candle without harmful petrochemicals.
  • Who desire to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals.

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