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Candles New Cumberland

Fragrances Chester as well as Fragrances Ohio as well as Fragrances New Cumberland as well as Fragrances Weirton as well as Fragrances East Liverpool

Upland South Candles has many different kinds of smells for our customers. Therefore people have the chance to pick and choose some great things that they might want. Instead of dealing with a small variety of scents, even though they claim they have a bunch. Fragrances New Cumberland is the spot you need to be! We has some nice flavors. Such as cinnamon vanilla spice and coriander rosewood. In the event that you are looking for candles, together with our team you can get the right one. With this in mind the scents we make have no dye. In other words you don’t have to worry about them. As a result you can rest assure that you will not have to worry about health as well as your family’s.

Cinnamon Vanilla Spice is a fun fall scent created from two great smells. In other words, it is the best scent to have on a cool, fall day. In addition, the scents mixed together smell like fresh dessert. Together with the rich mixes of cinnamon and vanilla, you get a great experience. This may be a fall scent however Fragrances New Cumberland as well as Fragrances Weirton have it all the time. You can get the feeling of fall all year round.

Fragrances Weirton

Fragrances Weirton carries the special scent of coriander rosewood. Coriander is a type of green. Also known as cilantro, it is normally used for cooking. However when mixed with the scents of rosewood, another calming scent, it creates something special. Candles Weirton takes great care in all the candles we make. Coriander Rosewood is one of the may fun smells found at Fragrances East Liverpool.

Fragrances East Liverpool

Creamy Vanilla as well as Ezra happen to be at the Fragrances East Liverpool. Both scents give off some great scents to fill up any room in the home. Because of this they are also available at the Fragrances Chester location. Creamy Vanilla is a household name when it comes to scents for everyday use. On the other hand Ezra is a very different smell that most people don’t know even exists. In the event that you are looking for a scent with a little bit more mystery, Ezra is great.

Fragrances New Cumberland as well as FragrancesWeirton as well as Fragrances East Liverpool

Fragrances is a great place to get creamy vanilla. The scent is a staple in many homes. Therefore you have probably had the chance to have the smell pass you by. Creamy Vanilla is a special kind of vanilla. Our vanilla used for our candles is carefully picked and made by our team.


Fragrances has a large amount of our scents. One being Ezra. Ezra is one of the scents that a lot of people are not really sure what it actually is. Because of this, some may be leary on choosing such a scent. Ezra was a common scent sold through the retailer Abercrombie and Fitch. Since there is such a high demand for the scent Upland decided to give it a shot. Pieces such as black currant and green apple. As well as pimento and bergamot are apart of the scent. In addition many flowers as well as different type of more manly scents create Ezra. We recommend you look into it.

Although these scents are not common at the same time of year they are apart of the offerings at Upland. These scents are fresh squeezed orange and indian sandalwood.

Fresh squeezed orange is your typical summer scent. However Indian sandalwood, is more of a fall scent. Whichever you beside you need both are great to have in your home during anytime of the year.

Wax Melts Ohio

Wax Melts Ohio is a major part of our team. It features Lemon Drop as well as Old Country Store. Both scents are ones that can get your home to the place you want to be. Lemon Drop is a scent that can make your home feel like summer, even though it’s the chill of January outside. Old Country Store is a common scent with hints of apples and things you bring you back in time. Wax Melts Ohio carries all these scents as well as others. Upland Candles are here for you.

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In addition to the candles that you are mention you can also find many more on our website. With summer as well as fall scents. In addition there are winter as well as spring. In the event that you are in need of a great scent that will scent up your forever home, come to upland.

However you are in need we can help. Therefore you are getting whatever you need for your home. We offer soy as well as paraffin candles. In addition we have wax melts that are best sellers. As a result you are going to get a great as well as easy way to get what you want.

Wax Melts Chester as well as Wax Melts Ohio as well as Candles New Cumberland as well as Candles Weirton as well as Candles East Liverpool