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Candles West Virginia

Candles West Virginia as well as Candles Steubenville as well as Candles Chester as well as Candles Ohio as well as Fruit Scented Candles

As a company, Upland South tries to be apart of the community. Because of this, we are apart of many fundraisers. In addition to wanting to give the best to our customers, we want to give the best to the community. As a result we want to support local business. Therefore our scents are important to us so we can make people want to shop local. Candles West Virginia is great for this.

Two scents that we use are Salty Sea Air as well a Sunwashed Linen. Candles West Virginia loves to have nice calming scents. Because of this salty sea air is great for that. In addition sunwashed linen is a great choice as well. Together with these scents your house can be a nice ocean or a clean laundry room. Candles Chester as well as Candles Steubenville has these scents as well. You can host a home party with a candle home party. A candle party is great for anyone.

Candles Steubenville

Candles Steubenville has a lot of scents as well. As a result we have one such as Snuggle Baby and Sweet Mandarin & Chili Pepper.
Instead of going to anywhere else, you can get great scents from us. Snuggle baby is a great scent. With this in mind, you can decide what kind of scent you want your home to smell like. In the end, all these scents are custom for you, as well as homemade with the customer in mind.

Candles Chester

Sweet Mandarin & Chili Pepper is a very interesting scent. However it is great for any home. Together with the sweet as well as the spicy, it is a combo hard to ignore. Therefore it is a scent that we sell out of pretty quickly. Due to is popularity as well as it being a year round scent, it goes fast. Therefore anyone who wants it needs to get it as fast as possible.

Candles West Virginia as well as Candles Steubenville as well as Candles Chester as well as Candles Ohio as well as Fruit Scented Candles

Candles Ohio is a great place to other scents. In addition to the ones already mentioned there are two others that are calm as well as cool. Therefore the scents are staples to any home. In other words, White Jasmine as well as White Peach Sangria is the way to go. At least we think so.

Candles Ohio

White Jasmine is apart of many species. 200 to be exact. Therefore it can be hard to decide which one to choose from. Because of this Upland has create a one of a kind White Jasmine candle. Due to it being a flowered fragrance it is a staple in homes. Jasmines are very popular due to the way their flowers smell. In the event that you are looking for a calm as well as flower scented candle, it is for you. Candles Ohio as well as Candles Chester is a prime place to get this scent.

White Peach Sangria smells as good as it takes. Because of this we try to get the best for our customers. Together with the peach, the sangria is great for the home. Sangria consists of red wine as well as chopped fruit. In addition it often has other things such as orange juice as well as brandy. Because the sangria featured has a large amount of white peach, you get all the scents that could make your space a great one.

Fruit Scented Candles

Fruited scented candles are very important to Upland. Because of this, we strive to make the best fruit scented candles for all. With one such as lemon drop as well as fruit salad, they are awesome.

Two fruit scented candles that are awesome are fruit salad and passion fruit limeade. Fruit salad is a dish. It holds fruit such as grapefruit as well as orange. In addition, it has lemon as well as strawberry and raspberry. On the other hand Passion Fruit limeade is fruity. However it is not too sweet. It is lively and refreshing as well as fun. In addition it is a tropical blend of passion fruit, citrus, lime, apple, pear, plum and papaya.


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